Banish Fear - Part 1 / MP3 File
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Banish Fear:

Many people experience fear on a daily basis. The problem is, the things they afraid of are inside their head.

The danger comes from what they are imagining, rather than what is really out there. Our brains give us the power to imagine and think about “what if…” That can be a really helpful skill. But too often, we allow our “what if’s…” to block us from taking actions we need to reach our best dreams.

See if any of this sounds familiar—

  • Do you stop yourself from achieving big things because you are afraid you will fail?
  • Do you stop yourself because you are afraid you will succeed and then become someone you don’t want to be?
  • Are you afraid to “play big” because people might notice you?
  • Or are there other things you fear that keep you stuck in place?

You are not alone. Many of us struggle with fears. Fears of heights, fears of spiders, fear of judgment, fear of making a fool of ourselves. These are only a drop in the bucket, aren’t they?

Spend a moment and think about those things you are afraid of. Does that fear ever keep you from taking a chance? Do you ever say “no” because you are afraid? Does it keep you from doing things you would like to do? Does it keep you stuck?

If so, you are among the millions this happens to. The types of fears people experience seem almost endless. But this emotion, which is there for a reason, ends up hurting us. It blocks our productivity, it harms our relationships, it keeps us hiding.

It sabotages our lives. The audio recording of this teleclass will help you understand the different types of fear people (including you) experience. You will learn how that fear gets going, and why it is so difficult to overcome. You’ll learn the difference between fear and anxiety and some techniques to deal with both of them.

Don’t be afraid. This teleclass won’t hurt.

You will just have the power to react the way YOU want to.



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Banish Fear - Part 1 / MP3 File

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