Banish Overwhelm - Part 1 / MP3 File
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Banish Overwhelm:

If you have ever felt overwhelmed (and who hasn’t), you know that it can stop you in your tracks. It can paralyze your progress.

If you are busy you just can’t afford to take time out to feel that way. Plus, you hate how it feels!

Being overwhelmed is different than just being stressed. While stress may contribute to being overwhelmed, feeling overwhelmed is SO much worse. It really rocks your foundation. It can completely shut you down—physically AND emotionally. And in your busy life, that’s not good.

You know what it is like to be overwhelmed if you have ever felt:

  • In over your head
  • As if you can’t handle everything that needs to be done
  • Completely stressed out all the time
  • Having difficulty coping, even with little things
  • Find yourself burning the candle at both ends trying to get things done
  • Want to just shut down or run away for awhile

People ask for this information all the time; it seems to be such a common problem. This audio recording of the teleclass is where we delve into WHY people get so overwhelmed, and most importantly, WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

You will learn:

  • What being “overwhelmed” means and how it is different than regular stress
  • Why it is so important to get rid of it
  • How your beliefs feed your overwhelm
  • How other people contribute to overwhelm
  • How to prevent overwhelm in the first place
  • Concrete steps you can take when you do feel overwhelmed
  • Special holiday tips



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Banish Overwhelm - Part 1 / MP3 File

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