Banish the Goal Setting Gremlins - MP3 File
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Banish The Goal Setting Gremlins:

You have big dreams. You set goals. But something happens. Despite all you do, you can’t seem to achieve them.

If you’ve had trouble reaching your goals, the problem may not be YOU, it may be the goal itself. Banishing the goal setting gremlins can make all the difference…

Discover how making small corrections to how you set your goals can make a huge difference. Those corrections can mean the difference between success and celebration, and failure and frustration.

Don’t let the wrong goals derail you this year. Don’t be frustrated again this year. Most importantly, don’t let all your effort go to waste. Make your goals work for you to create your success!

You’ll be surprised at how powerful these gremlins can be at derailing your best efforts to achieve YOUR goals. But banishing them is easy, once you know what they are. In this audio recording of the teleclass, you’ll learn to recognize those gremlins and what to do about them. You’ll discover how to get your goals to work for you. It isn’t really magic, but it may seem like it…

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Banish the Goal Setting Gremlins - MP3 File

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